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SnTHostings Seedbox Managing Tool v3.9
SnTHostings Seedbox Tool Version 3.8 (Public Release) Website: Email: [email protected] [Programming and development] Development Unit Productions Email: [email protected] Changelog: v3.7.1.0 * Code updated to work with new servers * Changed the way the user inputs configuration * Receive messages from the server feature added * Messages/Notifications conflict bug fixed * SplashForm/ConfigForm conflict fixed * A few minor bugs fixed v3.1.1.2 * Complete code review and rewrite of some code * Fixed configuration and updating conflict * Fixed the updating message always showing * Fixed SplashForm bug when changing to MainForm * Added option to minimize all forms v3.0.3.7 * Files not updating bug fixed * Updating code changed v3.0.2.1 * FileZilla was updated to v3.7.3 * Plink was updated to v0.63 * FileZilla configuration changed * Seedbox Tool build configuration changed v3.0.0.1 * FileZilla file missing corrected * Version number corrected V3.0 * An Updater was added to the project * Few minor bugs fixed * Changelog created * Software icon changed * Restart Seedbox commands changed * Splash screen changed(added transparency) V2.3 * The software was released to the public * Aero glass style was implemented into the project * A Configuration file was implemented * FileZilla and Plink added to the project * A Splash screen was made * A Settings form and an About form were made * There were alot of bugs fixed v1.0 to v2.2 * The software was never released to the public * It was only used by the programmers and developers * It was used only for the purpose of tests * The software was constantly being fixed * The software was really unstable
Tamanho: 8.9 MB
Config for OpenVPN.
Please download OpenVPN from or and extract it in config folder.
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Disable Automatic Credit Card Processing

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