So do you know about P2P or torrenting? Offcourse you gonna know if not don’t worry just google it because you gonna need to know that.

I will here give you 8 reasons to buy seedbox and in some cases, it is the only option if you want to do torrenting.

If you don’t know what is seedbox? check this out What is Seedbox? .

Let me give you basic info about seedbox. A dedicated server can be converted into a seedbox if you install P2P or Torrent Client applications which will download a torrent file on seedbox rather than your PC. After that data files downloaded via P2P on seedbox can be downloaded to PC using secure means.

Now let’s list out 8 reasons to buy  seedbox.

1 > First and Foremost is Speed.

Gone are the days of 100Mbit lines, Seedbox nowadays are having 1 or 10 Gigabit Lines which is significantly faster than your home internet connection. Larger files are downloaded on seedbox in minutes and some even in seconds.

Now you will be questioning what does it help you, your home connection will still be not that much fast but you will be now downloading directly from your seedbox not via P2P which has many benefits and one of them is the direct downloading option via many mediums.

2 > Uploading Speed and Time.

Many Private Trackers need you to have a healthy ratio and without seedbox, I don’t people can afford to do it.

Like maintaining the ratio of 1:1 is very easy if you have seedbox but if you download an old file and it has no leechers you need to seed it for 48-72 hours depending on different websites but it’s no slouch for Seedbox as just add a torrent and forget it.

3 > Speed gives you a chance of competing or racing.

In many private trackers, it is very hard to maintain ratio or build ratio and many trackers also give you extra benefits of having the outstanding ratio.

To build up or pad that stats you for sure need a seedbox to swarm upon newly uploaded torrents and seed them to infinity to achieve some goals on trackers.

And for that you need the fastest seedbox even slower seedbox for you will be of no use. So, home internet for this thing is not even an option.

4 > Safety net

With a Seedbox one doesn’t need to use Home internet to download a torrent via P2P which will free from DMCA notices or Warming letters from your ISP

5 > ISP Throttling and limited bandwidth

Many ISPs around the world are known and they also tell that out load that they throttle any BitTorrent traffic.

And many of you will be having bandwidth limits like 200GB a month. How will you maintain ratio in such a scenario?

Seedbox will bypass all this as seedbox traffic is not counted towards your ISP stats and throttling is off the charts as you won’t need to download files via P2P.

6 > Cheap Storage

Are you an avid collector of media files? and you have very don’t have offline storage space?

You know what download media files on seedbox and use it as the online drive. Need file from seedbox? connect via FTP and freaking transfer it. Quite Easy, right?

7 > Extra Perks which come with the seedbox

Nowadays Seedbox providers have a ton of optional apps which you can use.

Like, don’t wanna download media file but want to stream it? Get Plex on seedbox and done.

Want to move files from seedbox to other online cloud storages? Get RClone.

Also free VPN with seedbox.

And all these apps are one click installs on most of the seedbox panel.

8 > This is last in order but the most important in this age: Automation

Netflix is so easy, just go home at night and stream it on TV.

Well, you can do that too and you don’t need to pay for different services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

There are many applications provided as extra perks like Sonarr, Radarr, Plex and many more.

Just configure them once and you are done. Your favourite series episode released every Thursday? Add that series on sonarr and at night just open plex and stream it to your TV. You don’t even need to open seedbox.

You can set mobile alerts also nowadays and you can set auto deletion too.

So This are 8 reasons to buy seedbox and your life just became a lot easier.

So if you are looking for a such a seedbox with all these perks? Check out SnTHosting they provide seedbox Sonarr, Plex and many more apps.