Jingling & Traffic Exchanger RDP

One Plan To Rule Them All.

Choose price per period

  • 100GB Disk Space
  • 1GBPS Port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Admin Access*
  • On Request Software Installation
  • All Basic Softwares Installed
  • FTP Access
  • 24×7 Support
  • 99% Uptime

Get Admin Access on SnTRDP – 200G for additional $4/mo.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What are the CPU & RAM?

Our Server comes with E3-1230v2 or better CPU. As for RAM, its 16GB.

Is Admin Access Included?

Admin Access is available for additional $4/mo. You need to open a ticket for admin access.

Can I install Software's?

If you have admin access, then yes you can*. If you do not have admin access, you can Ask Us to install it for you.


* There are few restrictions, however.

What Software's are not allowed?

Following Softwares are not allowed.

1. Mining Tool

2. VPN

Note: There can be more tools that are not allowed, So please contact us, if you have doubt.

Any running Promo I can use?

Our prices are already very low, so we tend not to run a promotion. However, if you find any Promo code, you are free to use :).

How long my data is retained after Expiry?

Data is retained for 3 days after expiry, after which we cannot commit to saving the data if the invoice is unpaid.

What Location's are available?

Location for these plans is France.

Do you have instant Delivery?

Yes. Once Paid, your order status will be Pending, however, your RDP details will be delivered to your email/spam/promotion folder.

Note: If you are using Hotmail/Outlook, there might be some delay in delivery, So just Open a Ticket, We will send it on ticket manually.

What Software's are Pre-installed?

Following software are preinstalled.

1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. VLC

4. Deluge (Torrent Downloader)

5. Filezilla Client & Filezilla Server

6. Internet Download Manager

7. 7zip

8. WinRAR

Note: You can ask us to install more if you want.

What are the restrictions?

As these plans are under fair usage policy, the following acts are not allowed.

1. Encoding. We have Encoding RDP & Advanced Encoding RDP for that.

2. Live Stream. We have Advanced Encoding RDP & Windows VPS for that.

3. CPU Abuse

4. Ram Abuse

5. VPN usage

Can I Mail in any of these plans?

No, Mailing in these plans is strictly not allowed. For mailing, we have Windows VPS where we allow.

Do you give Demo?

No, We do not provide a demo. However, we do have 3 days refund policy. Refund Policy is only applicable if the problem is from our end.


Jingling & Traffic Exchanger RDP

Availability of our RDP’s are worldwide and on-demand, We provide RDP for the same price with same configs to everyone all around the globe. RDP are provided to the client instantaneously once the order is placed. We also provide 3 days money return guarantee if not satisfied with our services!!

On-Demand Software Installation

We provide on-demand software installation, in case you need a software, just open a ticket and we will be there to assist you and your needs. In some plans, you can also opt for Admin Access which has $4/mo extra charge.

Encoding RDP
Encoding RDP

Our Professional 24/7 Superb Support are here for your convenience only. Got a problem? Open a ticket and bet we are already solving it. We reach for the solution of the problem before even it full occurs. 24/7 Support is one of the most important and main part of SnTHostings, which makes it a class apart from other providers.

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