With full root access and panel

Fully Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Intel Atom C27502×2.40GHz16GB1× 1TB or 1x 128GB SSDUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$45.99/mo + $35 OneTimeSetupORDER NOW
Intel Xeon X34504×2.66GHz8GB2× 1TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$59.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon L34264×1.86GHz8GB2× 2TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$59.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-12304×3.20GHz8GB2× 1TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$71.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E5-1620v24×3.70GHz16GB2× 2TBDown @ 1GBPS UP @ 250MBPSFRANCE/CANADA$74.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-12204×3.10GHz32GB2× 2TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$94.99/moORDER NOW
2x Intel Xeon E56204×2.40GHz24GB2× 2TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$94.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E5-1620v24×3.70GHz32GB2× 2TBDown @ 1GBPS UP @ 250MBPSFRANCE/CANADA$99.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-12404×3.10GHz24GB2× 2TB or 2x 450GB SASUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$105.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-1240v34×3.30GHz32GB2× 3TB or 2x 120GB SSDUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$129.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E5-1650v24×3.70GHz32GB2× 3TBDown @ 1GBPS UP @ 250MBPSFRANCE/CANADA$135.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E5-16504×3.70GHz32GB2× 3TB or 2x 600GB SASUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$154.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E5-1650v24×3.70GHz64GB2× 3TBDown @ 1GBPS UP @ 250MBPSFRANCE/CANADA$159.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-1230v24×3.2GHz16GB4x 3TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$161.99/moORDER NOW
Intel Xeon E3-1410v24×3.2GHz64GB3x 6TBUnlimited @ 1GBPSFRANCE$196.99/moORDER NOW

Please note bandwidth that shows “Unlimited” means that the connection is based on fair usage / best effort. It does not guarantee full usage of the given uplink.


All of Our Dedicated Servers servers comes with at least 1gbps port and starting from just $19.99 with the best support in the market. With the Average first response time of 30mins and narrowing in. So what are you waiting for? Order Now.


Network Port of 1GBPS at least on the server with fair usage policy, so no single user hogs the network.


With 30mins, Average First Response Time, we are the best when it comes to providing support. Contact Us.


With In-Built Firewall and Security, along with basic DDoS Protection on all of the servers above.

Dedicated Servers

System Management

Full root access, for all the servers, so you can manage it on your own, without any help.


From Linux to Windows, whichever OS you require, just ask, and you shall get it, without any trouble. We use QuickBox for Seedbox Panel.


Our Servers comes with high reliability with RAID option to keep your data secure.

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