What is A Seedbox? A Seedbox is basically a server which is sharing between multiple users or a single user depends on the package you choose. With these server’s you can download torrents. The speed of the servers depends on the plan you choose. From 100mbps to 500mbps to 1gbps to dedicated box.

Seedbox is like a personal 24/7 running machine with an attached private hard disk for each user. You can download, upload, store files, have access to all your data with few clicks. And it is hidden away from the prying eyes of big organization and government.

Our Seedbox comes with ruTorrent installed for your usage.

What makes our Seedbox one of the Best Seedbox?

Our Seedbox comes with the Customized Panel along with Instant Delivery & High-Speed Internet and much more.

We have chosen a minimalistic design for our panel, to give our clients the best experience they cannot get anywhere else.

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How to control ruTorrent via Seedbox Panel?

Here is the interface of our ruTorrent in Seedbox Panel, Which is completely integrated just like other softwares.

You can access it by click ruTorrent on the top bar. Just like the screenshot below.

ruTorrent Page

You can fully use ruTorrent from this interface, It shows the HDD Space, Up & Down Speed, Number of active torrents etc.

  1. New Tab Button – It will open up in a New Tab, so you can use it in maximized mode.
  2. Refresh Button – It will refresh the ruTorrent and update the page in case you have some problem.
  3. Restart Button – It will Restart ruTorrent fully using SSH connection at the backend of the panel, so you won’t have to go through hoops.

Rest all usage of ruTorrent is quite simple and straightforward, just like uTorrent on PC 🙂

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Other than the above extra steps we have taken for panel and integration. We have also installed all the possible plugins we think our users may or may not need so you can Control ruTorrent via Seedbox Panel without any trouble. List of installed Plugins mentioned below.

List of Installed ruTorrent Plugins.

Installed Softwares:

  • ruTorrent 3.7
  • rTorrent 0.9.4 to 0.9.6
  • libTorrrent 0.13.4 to 0.13.6
  • Deluge 1.3.6
  • mktorrent
  • JailKit
  • Fail2ban
  • Apache with SSL
  • OpenVPN
  • PHP 5 and FastCGI to increase performance
  • Linux Quota
  • SSH Server
  • vsftpd
  • SABnzbd
  • Rapidleech
  • Subsonic
  • Sickrage
  • Plex Media Server (Selected Plans)
  • Speedtest – speedTEST

Main plugins:


  • autotoolscpuload
  • diskspace
  • erasedata
  • extratio
  • extsearch
  • feeds
  • filedrop
  • filemanager
  • geoip
  • history
  • logoff
  • mediainfo
  • mediastream
  • rss
  • scheduler
  • screenshots
  • theme
  • trafic
  • unpack
  • and many more.

Additional plugins:

  • Autodl-IRSSI (with an updated list of trackers)
  • Filemanager (modified to handle rar, zip, unzip, tar and bzip)
  • File upload
  • Fileshare
  • MediaStream (to watch your videos right from your seedbox)
  • Logoff


  • Agent 46
  • Oblivion
  • Oblivion Blue
















This is how you can Control ruTorrent via Seedbox Panel. This guide also provides additional content about our Service and ruTorrent as well.