Seedbox Features – VPN

One of our best Seedbox Features – VPN. With all of our Seedbox plan’s comes VPN config of the seedbox server, which you can use to browse safely on the internet without the prying eyes of the government. Wheather you choose  100mbps or dedicated box or any other.

What is a Seedbox?

What is A Seedbox? A Seedbox is basically a server which is sharing between multiple users or a single user depends on the package you choose. With these server’s you can download torrents. The speed of the servers depends on the plan you choose. From 100mbps to 500mbps to 1gbps to dedicated box.

Seedbox is like a personal 24/7 running machine with an attached private hard disk for each user. You can download, upload, store files, have access to all your data with few clicks. And it is hidden away from the prying eyes of big organization and government.

What is VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure tunnel between two or more devices. When you use VPN, you are browsing the internet safely without interference and censorship by the government.
What does VPN do? – VPN basically encrypts all the data that you send and receive to the internet. Your data will not be shared with any of the pryings eyes.

But do you need VPN?

Anyone with a basic knowledge of Internet will say yes. Wheater is to be anonymous or to view censored content. If you fall in any category in the following list, then yes you need VPN.

  • You are at School or Work Network – If you are then you might know that these networks are infamous for censoring websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or any recreational website. Here VPN can be used to bypass the restriction and use the website or software.
  • You are torrent or illegal file downloader – If you are using our service such as Seedbox, then you might be aware that people use such service to download torrent to hide from the government. Like 2yrs ago in Germany a couple got €2000 fine for downloading a movie from This could have avoided if they used Seedbox or VPN.
  • If you are avid show/content watcher – Most of the times, content is blocked behind geolocation lock and prevent users to access the content who are not from the targetted location. To overcome this lock, one can use VPN and pretend to be from that location.
  • Privacy Freak – Freak would be an understatement considering the world we live in where even the company like Facebook, tracks their user for mere $16.04. If you use VPN, then they will not be able to track your browser history. It also prevents from prying eyes of the big companies and government.

Why Choose SnTHostings?

Easy, We give VPN for free for all of our clients. It is one of our Seedbox Features – VPN. As we believe in giving best service and optimal pricing, it is included in plans starting from just $6.29 to all.

  • Free VPN.
  • No Logging.
  • Fast Connection.
  • OpenVPN Based.
  • One-Click Connect.

To get VPN, Select one of the Seedbox from here – Seedbox and download it. For the full guide on how to connect, Click Here – How to connect to a VPN?