Auto Download files from Seedbox – Sync Seedbox with Computer using Resilio.

With this guide you can Auto Download files from Seedbox, we are literally spoiling you. Using this method you can auto-sync your files to your home PC the moment it is added on the Seedbox, it is downloaded on to your PC. We have many clients who ask us, is there an automated way to sync files from Seedbox to PC? or Auto Download files from Server to PC? and so many variations of the same question. So today we decided to make this guide. This guide will help you downloading/syncing your files off the server to your PC without doing anything, just initial Setup.

So wondering how we can do it? The answer is this brilliant and beautiful App. App named – Resilio (Formerly known as BitTorrent Sync).

Before we proceed on how to Auto Download files from Seedbox, This software is compatible with all of our Seedbox & VPS. You can set them up on your own or ask us via Ticket to setup it up.

You can order it from here – 100mbps SeedboxHigh Storage Seedbox or 1GBPS Seedbox  & Linux VPS.

Now, to start with this guide, we have broken down this guide into 3 Parts. Installing, Configuring Resilio, and Configuring & Syncing on Computer.

Installing Resilio.

1. Download Resilio on your Seedbox. Use the command below to download it and then extract it.

wget && tar -xvzf resilio-sync_x64.tar.gz

2. Once downloaded, you have to configure Resilio, the first command is to create a sample config which we can edit.

./rslsync -–dump-sample-config > sync.conf

Once you create the sample config, it is time to edit, our favorite app to edit file is nano.

nano sync.conf

It will open up the config file to setup the app.

3. Make few required folder, use the command below.

cd ~/downloads && mkdir sync

Configuring Resilio.

1. Use the following Setup for our Seedbox or VPS to Auto Download files from Seedbox. YMMV if you using it on your own server, edit accordingly.

"storage_path" : "/home/YOURUSERNAME/.sync",
"pid_file" : "/home/YOURUSERNAME/",
"directory_root" : "/home/YOURSERNAME/downloads/sync", (This is gonna be the sync folder)
 "webui" :
"listen" : "" (Instead of 8888, set some open port, You can try using random till you get an open port or open ticket)
/* preset credentials. Use password or password_hash */
"login" : "YOUR USERNAME"

2. Once it is done, just hold CTRL + X and save it. And that’s the configuration part. Start it now using the following command.

./rslsync --config ~/sync.conf

3. Once done, just go to the following link and you will get greeted with “Get Started” Page.

http://IP OF THE SERVER:8888/gui/
Resilio Get Started

Resilio Get Started.

4. Once Logged in, click on the “big +” sign on the left top and add the file directory there. Click on Open once done.

Resilio Sync Page

Resilio Sync Page.

Sync Page

Sync Page.

5. Once you click Open it will show you Link, Key & QR Code, Just click on Key and copy and save the Read & Write Code. As we will need it in sometime.

Sync Confirmation

Sync Confirmation.

That’s all, Resilio is on and running, we have set ~/downloads/sync/ as sync location so it doesn’t sync your whole seedbox, just the new torrent or files, you can change or add location anytime you like.


Installation of Resilio on Windows for Syncing.

1. Again head to Resilio website and get the Windows version of the Software.

Download Here -

2. Install as normal.

Install Resilio

Install Resilio.

3. Run Resilio and again click on “big +” on left top side. Remember this time on Windows. And then select “Enter a key or link”.

Resilio Windows

Resilio Windows.

4. Enter the key and click Next, and then select the location that you want to sync. Remember if you put any file on this selected location, it will upload to the server too.

Key to Resilio

Key to Resilio.

That’s all, Resilio is set and it will Auto Download files from Seedbox to your PC. Check setting for more details.

Do not forget we can set it up for you if you need, but only for our service.

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