Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox.

How does this work?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox. All you have to do is navigate to your torrent/torrent site. Search for the torrent you like. And by just one click on the link of torrent or magnet link, and it will auto download in Seedbox. There is a very easy and quick addon available in Mozilla FireFox as well as Google Chrome. But in this guide, we have only mentioned the FireFox’s extension and method. This guide will help you if you are a lazy bum like me.

For Mozilla FireFox, Please click here – Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in Chrome.

But Before we proceed, a quick look back.

What is a Seedbox?

What is A Seedbox? A Seedbox is basically a server which is sharing between multiple users or a single user depends on the package you choose. With these server’s you can download torrents. The speed of the servers depends on the plan you choose. From 100mbps to 500mbps to 1gbps to dedicated box.

Seedbox is like a personal 24/7 running machine with an attached private hard disk for each user. You can download, upload, store files, have access to all your data with few clicks. And it is hidden away from the prying eyes of big organization and government.

You can find more details here on What is a Seedbox? & What makes our Seedbox one of the Best Seedbox?.


How to Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox?

1. Open Firefox and navigate to and search for Bit Torrent WebUI+. You can visit directly from here as well – Bit Torrent WebUI+.

2. Once on the page, click on Add to FireFox.

FireFox Addon Page

FireFox Addon Page

3. Once Added, it will request you to restart FireFox, restart it.

4. Once restarted, Bittorrent WebUi Options will pop up and enter the following details in it.

Server Address – Enter IP or Hostname.

Port – 443 or 80 (Our seedbox is always 443).

WebUI Path – /rutorrent



BitTorrent Client – rutorrent.

BitTorrent WebUI Options

BitTorrent WebUI Options

5. Once Added, Click on Ok.

6. Now go to a torrent website, we personally prefer IPT. Very Fast.

7. Navigate to a torrent, we here selected a torrent at random and opened it up.



8. Now just click on Download, and it will auto add the torrent to the Seedbox.

That’s all. This is how you Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox. If you are a lazy bum like me, this will help you.

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