How to Auto Extract your torrents in ruTorrent.

This guide will help you on How to Auto Extract your torrents in ruTorrent. If you have ever used a Seedbox (which we highly recommend you should)*, then we are sure you must have come across ruTorrent. ruTorrent is our second favorite torrent downloader (first being Deluge). However, ruTorrent has way more plugins that Deluge, and today this guide is based on one of those plugins. Named – AutoUnpack.

What is AutoUnpack?

AutoUnpack or PluginUnpack is basically one of the many plugins of ruTorrent. But what makes it so special? This plugin can help you automate the whole process of Downloading and Extracting a torrent on your Seedbox. That’s right it will ACTUALLY Auto-Extract your torrent once the download completes without even letting you lift a finger. This plugin along with Remote Adder can do miracles.

What is Seedbox?

What is A Seedbox? A Seedbox is basically a server which is sharing between multiple users or a single user depends on the package you choose. With these server’s you can download torrents. The speed of the servers depends on the plan you choose. From 100mbps to 500mbps to 1gbps to dedicated box.

Seedbox is like a personal 24/7 running machine with an attached private hard disk for each user. You can download, upload, store files, have access to all your data with few clicks. And it is hidden away from the prying eyes of big organization and government.

You can get more details about it here – What is a Seedbox?.

Our Recommendation.

1. Setup Remote Adder using our Chrome or FireFox Guide – Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in Chrome or Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox.

2. Once that is done, Follow this guide on setting up Auto Extractor.

(Optional) 3. Setup rsync or some kind of sync with the unpack files directory, that will auto sync your files to your home PC. (Will probably do a guide on this as well).

Manual Extraction.

Now before we proceed to the guide, lemme tell you, can you extract files manually as well. Directly from the ruTorrent interface. Just select the torrent you want to extract, then click on the “Files” Tab and then look for .rar format file and right click on it. Then just click Unpack… This will extract in the same folder itself.

Manual Unpack

Manual Unpack.

Now without further ado. Here is the guide.

How to Auto Extract your torrents in ruTorrent.

All you need to do this is to configure your settings in ruTorrent.

1. Click on the cog icon i.e. Settings on ruTorrent Page. Then click on Unpack.

Note: This option may or may not be available in your ruTorrent, if not you have to add it in plugins of ruTorrent. Our server comes with it preinstalled.
Configure ruTorrent

Configure ruTorrent.

2. Once this is done, Tick on “Enable autounpacking if torrent’s label matches filter“. Do not edit anything in the box, this will auto extract all the content you put.

(Optional) 3. You can also change the path in the second option, or let it be the default, or Tick the other options, to have the name of the torrent in the path name.

4. Once this is done, click on OK.

That’s all. Now Load any torrent and it will Auto-Extract your files in the provided directory. We highly recommend you using our guide to auto downloading torrents.

This two – Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in Chrome or Remotely Add torrents to Seedbox in FireFox.