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  • Here is the interface of our Deluge in Seedbox Panel, Which is completely integrated like others too.

Deluge Page

  • You can fully use Deluge from this interface, It is an alternative for ruTorrent, faster and light weight. You can also remotely use it with various apps available in market.
  1. New Tab Button, it will open up on a new Tab, so you can use it on maximized mode.
  2. Refresh Button, will refresh the ruTorrent and update the page in case you have some problem.
  3. Restart Button, will Restart ruTorrent fully using SSH connection at the backend of the panel, so you won't have to go through hoops.

    Rest all usage of Deluge is quite Simple and straight forward, just like Deluge on PC :)

    PS: You cannot Create Torrent in Deluge Web Version.

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